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Who knows where this elevator could take you...

ANNOUNCEMENT: A part 2 of this animation is on the way soon! We are planning on making a full length roblox animated series of "The Normal Elevator" for you all! After the MASSIVE success of this video hitting over 1.8 million views worldwide across the globe, we HAVE to extend this series! Stay tuned :D

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-Over 1.8 MILLION views across the globally!!!

Created by: Virtual Blox Assembled

Animated by: Airik Kaler

"The Normal Elevator animation" is a roblox animation comedy short film that is based around the objectives in the Roblox game "The Normal Elevator"...also of course this animation has a lot of cameos and references so watch out for that :D
Music (IN ORDER) :

Elevator Forcast - Kevin Macleod
Sneaky Snitch - Kevin Macleod
Fire Flies - Bassjackers, Luciana
Clash Of Clans- Supercell Theme
Arcadia - Kevin Macleod
Melty Molten Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy OST
Starship Avalon - Thomas Newman
Hitman- Kevin Macleod
Hal 3 - C418
Animals- Martin Garrix
Our Story Begins- Kevin Macleod
Till Its Over - Tristam
Battlerock Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy OST
The House Of Leaves - Kevin Macleod
Hal 1- C418
On And On- Cartoon (OUTRO MUSIC)
ROBLOX: THE NORMAL ELEVATOR: https://www.roblox.com/games/230362888/The-Normal-Elevator

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If you need to contact me for permission message my roblox user

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Credit to "NowDoTheHarlemShake" for inspiring this animation from his incredible roblox game.

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