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ДЕТАЛИ видео

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Who knows where this elevator could take you...#ODER

Created by: Virtual Blox Assembled

Animated by: Airik Kaler

Music (In order) :

Elevator Forcast - Kevin Macleod
Sneaky Snitch - Kevin Macleod
Fire Flies - Bassjackers, Luciana
Clash Of Clans- Supercell Theme
Arcadia - Kevin Macleod
Melty Molten Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy OST
Starship Avalon - Thomas Newman
Hitman- Kevin Macleod
Hal 3 - C418
Animals- Martin Garrix
Our Story Begins- Kevin Macleod
Till Its Over - Tristam
Battlerock Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy OST
The House Of Leaves - Kevin Macleod
Hal 1- C418
On And On- Cartoon (OUTRO MUSIC)
"The Normal Elevator animation" is a roblox animation comedy short film that is based around the objectives in the Roblox game "The Normal Elevator".

ROBLOX: THE NORMAL ELEVATOR: https://www.roblox.com/games/230362888/The-Normal-Elevator


This animation has took months and many hours or producing and work into it so please do not copy it :) Please subscribe as I have much more unexpected and unique videos comming up in the future! See you soon ;)


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